From simple advice to full-on team training.

Facteur C provides a complete set of professional services to help you communicate effectively with your employees.

Consultation and advice to develop communication strategies

Determine your critical communication needs in order to facilitate change. Clearly identify issues and challenges. Determine the key messages and choose the best ways to get them across to achieve your objectives.

Writing, translation and linguistic review of content

Draw on our extensive knowledge of HR management practices and compensation programs. We communicate simply and effectively because we understand the fundamentals.

Design of engaging visual communications

Using the creative talents of advertising agencies to make all the difference in producing engaging communications.

Production of print and online communication materials

Determine the right mix, in light of your needs, to effectively reach your target groups based on their communication preferences.

Design and production of personalized Total Reward statements

Make employees more aware of all aspects of your compensation programs and convincingly demonstrate that you offer more than just a salary.

Production of short promotional and educational videos

Make complex concepts easy to understand and strengthen the consistency of communications.

Coaching in communication and transferring expertise

Prepare your spokespeople to deliver effective presentations and a positive experience for both your audience and partners.

Preparing and facilitating focus groups

Guarantee you make a good impression. Sometimes, the surest way to do this is to test the communication material before it’s sent out.

Training sales teams

Provide your sales people with the tools they need to give your customers outstanding service, based on what you consider the key differentiators between you and your competitors.