Facteur C approach

There are three key components in any plan for communicating with employees:


State right from the start why you are communicating, what you expect to achieve and how progress will be measured.

  • Ask the right questions and clearly identify the issues
  • Choose messages carefully so as to clearly position the employer’s intention and satisfy each audience’s need for information
  • Set a clear direction with specific and measurable objectives


Identify the best mix of communication channels to effectively reach your target audiences.

  • Choose the right mix taking into account all the possibilities provided by:
    • Face-to-face communication
    • Written communication
    • Online communication, including video


Bring in the creative talent you need to stand out and win the attention of your audience.

  • Draw on the creative talents of graphic designers, illustrators, narrators, etc.
  • Put care and attention into content presentation
  • Create a distinctive communication as a mark of respect for your employees